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Channel 4 Big Art

In April 2006, following over 1,400 nominations from across the UK the Island of Mull was chosen as one of six locations to be featured in Channel 4’s ambitious Big Art Project .The aim of the project meant curators and communities would liaise to commission new public art.  The initial feasibility phase is the content of a documentary television series by Channel 4 commissioned Carbon Media.

The nominator for Mull was Lee Hendrick, the former Visual Arts, and Crafts Access Officer at An Tobar, the main independent arts venue on the island at the time (funded by the Scottish Arts Council). Channel 4 were looking for people to nominate their community or suggest possible sites for a public art project.  Positive responses from across the island encouraged Lee to nominate Mull.  Three sites in particular were suggested by the community; Craignure Pier, Ardhu and Langamull Forests (as a single site) and the new Mull Theatre site at the Druimfin entrance to Aros Park.

A small film crew from Channel 4 came to Mull to see the sites and meet some of the people involved in putting forward the bid.  Mull was selected and was matched with the curator Patricia Fleming who worked with the community to create a short list of artists and enjoyed meeting James Turrell and Rikrit Tirivanijia. Jeppe Hein was selected and is now engaged in a new project with Patricia Fleming Projects to develop and deliver the work for Mull.

Channel 4 Big Art